HCPCS Dental Codes

The HCPCS dental codes are available after an additional purchase. Dental codes are subject to royalty fee payments to the American Dental Association, therefore additional purchase is required.

The American Dental Association has implemented a policy that requires additional royalty payments in order to access the dental codes, commonly known as the "HCPCS D Codes". In order to gain access to these codes, you can purchase the add-on module that will cover the cost of the royalty fees that are due to the American Dental Association.

After purchasing the add-on module, a new icon is available in the user preferences that will allow you to activate the dental codes. Click the pencil icon to edit the preferences and activate the dental codes add-on module.

User Preference screen: (as displayed in EncoderPro Expert - other applications will be similar)

Edit user subscription screen:(as displayed in EncoderPro Expert - other applications will be similar)

Within the Edit User Subscription screen, click the box next to Dental Code to put a check mark into the box in order to activate the dental codes add-on, then click the Save button. Log off of EncoderPro and then log back on again in order to see the dental codes add-on.

After activating the dental codes subscription, the dental codes are found all throughout the application.

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